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March 15, 2019 @ 10:52 pm

Episode 108: A Short and Unfruitful Week

While it seems like only yesterday Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (Red Dirt Redbird, @amedlock1) got together to talk about the Cardinals, it's actually been a work week and the Cardinals' bats haven't been working.  With less than two weeks to go in the spring, is it OK to start being concerned?  The guys go over the pros and cons of that as well as the issues with the fifth starter spot.  Should John Gant or Dakota Hudson get that slot?

After a detour about the new rules coming down the pike, they wrap it up talking about Jedd Gyorko and what his injury and return from it means for the team.  Everything's back to normal and we hope you enjoy!

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March 11, 2019 @ 9:05 pm

Episode 107: Is It Time to Get Serious?

For the last time in what should be a while (though of course you never know), Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (Red Dirt Redbird, @amedlock1) get together on a Monday evening to talk about the past week of Cardinal baseball.  The Cards have started to pare down their roster and some notable names are already down with the minor leaguers.  Were there really any surprises about who went down and who is still around camp?  Brett Cecil is still dealing with a lot of things and now seems to need to add some of the weight he lost.  Is this going to turn out well for him or the Cardinals?  The guys then talk about Jack Flaherty and Jordan Hicks getting their contracts renewed and what things look like for Dexter Fowler.  A bit shorter show but they'll be back Friday and they didn't want you to get tired of them!

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March 4, 2019 @ 9:28 pm

Episode 106: Catching Up

So last week Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (Red Dirt Redbird, @amedlock1) recorded on Monday and Tuesday every bit of possible news happened.  The guys wade back through a week of stuff, starting with the backup catcher position becoming a competition (at least in name) with the signing of Matt Wieters.  What does this mean for the bench?  Does this send Drew Robinson down to the minors?  Are the Cardinals going to use a full bench after all these years?  They also talk about the extension for Miles Mikolas and the injury concerns surrounding Carlos Martinez.  There's a week plus worth of stats and they pick out a few that probably mean nothing but pique some interest.  Now, we'll see if there's more news this Tuesday.....

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February 25, 2019 @ 9:28 pm

Episode 105: Springing Into Action

The Cardinals are back on the field and all is right with the world.  Even though none of these games matter nor do any of the results, that doesn't mean it's not good to see the birds on the bat taking on another squad in competition.  Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (Red Dirt Redbird, @amedlock1) haven't seen a lot of the three games but that doesn't mean they can't talk about some of the news that's come out of them.  Can Drew Robinson earn a spot on the bench?  What does that bullpen roster crunch look like if Ryan Helsley continues his early success?  Plus the guys tackle Jose Martinez's extension, Carlos Martinez's injury, and Alex Reyes making the manager cackle.  Play ball!

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February 15, 2019 @ 12:01 am

Episode 104: Love Us Some Cardinal Baseball

If it's Valentine's Day, we've got to be talking about one of the great loves of our lives, right?  Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (Red Dirt Redbird, @amedlock1) take time away from their wives to talk about the first real week of spring training.  Marcell Ozuna was caught throwing awkwardly--is that a concern?  The Cardinals won't slam the door on Carlos Martinez slamming the door as a closer.  How likely is it that they'd make that move and should they?  John Mozeliak says don't look for any spring moves, even with a slew of free agents available.  There's a lot going on around the Cardinals and we're talking about it!

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February 9, 2019 @ 12:19 am

Episode 103: Jonesing for the Season

Baseball season is just around the corner and the pictures and thoughts of Florida are a welcome relief to the cold that has gripped the Midwest this week (unlike the spring-like temps that were here earlier in the week--weather, amirite?).  Of course, Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (Red Dirt Redbird, @amedlock1) are always excited about the Cardinals and this week they are joined by Jeff Jones (Scoops With Danny Mac, @jmjones) to talk about the upcoming season.  The guys talk about Jeff's young baseball writing career and the possibility of the Cardinals going to London in 2020 before tackling the issues of the current team.  From who makes the roster to how the managerial switch will impact the club, it's a wide-ranging discussion you won't want to miss!  Plus you can now buy MMM t-shirts so stick around for details on that!

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February 3, 2019 @ 9:45 pm

Episode 102: Marking the Occasion

With the Super Bowl reaching us, that means spring training can't be far behind.  Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (Red Dirt Redbird, @amedlock1) are pleased to be joined by The Athletic writer Mark Saxon (@markasaxon).  The three talk about Mark's career and some of the notable articles he's written, both last year (the Jordan Hicks/Bud Norris article) and more recent (Alex Reyes and his rehab).  Then they turn their attentions to the current squad, covering the offseason, where the Cards stand, and what misgivings could be around this team.

After that, Allen and Daniel get into the Cardinal Hall of Fame ballot and then (sigh) Daniel talks about the latest Cardinal twitter controversy.  Feel free to skip that part.

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January 27, 2019 @ 11:38 pm

Episode 101: Laying Down the Law

With Winter Warmup behind us, Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (Red Dirt Redbird, @amedlock1) add in Adam Butler (Bird Law, @LanceDance1) to talk about the three-day event.  Adam was one of the bloggers that was in the media scrum asking questions and getting feedback, which means that Daniel and Allen have plenty of questions for him.  From John Mozeliak's comments about Marcell Ozuna to Dexter Fowler's first appearance, the guys go over it all and get the scoop from a man who was there!

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January 17, 2019 @ 11:35 pm

Episode 100: Five Alive

Season 5 of Meet Me at Musial (or, at least, the show that MMM is now) gets started as Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (Red Dirt Redbird, @amedlock1) try to find some embers in what is supposed to be a hot stove.  Two straight winters of disappointing activity gets the guys talking about the looming issues that baseball has to deal with before getting into the issues the Cardinals have to deal with in making up the 25-man roster.  Who stays and who goes?  Come give it a listen and find out!

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January 14, 2019 @ 8:13 pm

Bonus: Difficult to See the Future Is

It's a break from the baseball to head back out to a galaxy far, far away.  This time, a great panel of Star Wars fanatics looks forward to what 2019 has in store for everyone.  Joining Daniel (@C70) this time are Tina (@ErdrickStorm), Tito (@triveratops), Steven (@SMcNeil_87), Ron (@ToR_Ron75), and, making his Star Wars podcasting debut, James (@very_stupid_man).  The gang talks about their feelings about Star Wars Resistance, both what has occurred and what is promised by the mid-season trailer.  Disney's addition to their theme parks, Galaxy's Edge, comes this summer and find out who already has body parts up for sale to pay for the trip.  Disney+ is coming this fall and with it, The Mandalorian.  How will the first live-action Star Wars show go and how will it be released?  Finally, it all culminates in Episode IX, whatever that title might be, and everyone chimes in on what they want to see from the film.  It's a cold winter's night with the hot stove barely simmering, so come join us for a little different type of talk!

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