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July 6, 2017 @ 11:11 pm

Bonus: Greatest Cardinal Moment Tournament

It's under the Meet Me at Musial banner, but this one's a little different.  Starting July 10 and continuing until the closing day of the season, four Cardinal blogs will be holding a tournament to determine which is the great moment in the 125 years of Cardinal history.  To talk about this project, Daniel sat down with Noah Adelstein of Cardsblog, Dr. Michael Miles of Redbird Rants, and Brendan Schaeffer of The Intrepid STL, the three other blogs (along with C70 At The Bat) that will be hosting regionals in this tournament.  Each talks about their site, the tournament as a whole, and some of the interesting matchups in their regional.

Matchups will be published in the following order:

Mondays: C70 At The Bat (Branch Rickey Regional)
Tuesdays: The Intrepid STL (Bing Devine Regional)
Wednesdays: Redbird Rants (Walt Jocketty Regional)
Thursdays: Cardsblog (John Mozeliak Regional)

For more information about the tournament, please check out this post, which gives you a link to the bracket as well as a more detailed schedule of what games will be coming when.  Be sure to vote and discuss this as we celebrate Cardinal history!

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