Meet Me At Musial

Episode 16: Casting a Net and Catching a Fowler

December 10, 2016

There's been plenty of activity since John and Daniel got together to talk about the Cardinals, but no move was as big as the last one, as the Cardinals signed Dexter Fowler to a five-year deal.  Was it a good move?  How surprising was the fact the Cards surrendered a draft pick?  Does this improve the team and what is the lineup going to look like?  The guys also touch on the other moves, such as Brayan Pena, Seth Maness, and the Jaime Garcia trade.

While there's a lot that's already happened, that doesn't mean John Mozeliak is done.  The guys talk about what could happen, what should happen, and what will happen before John breaks down the players received in the Garcia deal as part of The Futures Report.  The guys then tackle the Twitter questions and plan out their offseason schedule.

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