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May 13, 2016 @ 11:14 pm

Episode 2: Doomed To Mediocrity?

Daniel and John are back again, tackling yet another week of Cardinal baseball.  In Redbird Rewind, they look at the losing series against the Pirates versus the sweep of the Angels and conclude that, well, the Angels may not be all that good.  Seth Maness got demoted on Thursday, with Dean Kiekhefer getting his first taste of the bigs.  The guys break down both sides of that transaction and ponder what this means for Maness's career.

In their Up The Middle segment, our intrepid hosts discuss whether this team is doomed to stick in the .500 zone or can start clicking and pull out of that gravitational well.  John discusses Paul DeJung in The Futures Report as well as a quick rundown of how the minor league teams look at the moment.  Finally, the guys answer Twitter questions and talk about Trevor Rosenthal in the Swinging Away final section.


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