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September 9, 2017 @ 12:00 am

Episode 44: Crunch Time

Hard to believe that the season just has three weeks left in it and the St. Louis Cardinals are still in the playoff hunt.  While the odds are still not in their favor, Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (The Redbird Daily, @amedlock1) are doing a little scoreboard watching while they keep an eye on the play of the Cardinals.  And that play has seemed to improve lately, though perhaps that's more a factor of their competition.  Whatever the case, there's a lot of good things happening, including Luke Weaver in the rotation and new addition Juan Nicasio in the bullpen.  Injuries are still in the mix, however.  How much of Matt Carpenter's season can be blamed on that shoulder?  Is it a good thing that he's back out there?  Plus we close with a tribute to Don Williams, a favorite of Allen's grandfather.

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