Meet Me At Musial

Episode 9: Back In The Saddle

July 23, 2016

After a couple of weeks, Daniel and John get right back into the business at hand, talking about the Cardinals and everything related to them.  They recap the excitement since the All-Star Break, recognize that said excitement should probably be tempered by the fact that the Padres provided a lot of it, and wonder if the division might not be still in reach after all.

In the main segment, they discuss the trading deadline, most notably the idea of going after Chris Sale.  (John's Twitter poll ran about 2/3rds against, something that didn't get updated in the show proper.)  While neither believe it is going to happen, a deal such as outlined in a CBS Sports article didn't seem completely unreasonable.  The guys talk about what's much more likely to happen and what kind of trades are in John Mozeliak's wheelhouse.


John talks about Edmundo Sosa and his recent promotion while some of the other prospects get checked in on as well.  They wrap it with some Twitter questions from the listeners, which leads to a discussion of ballpark food, always a good way to end a show!

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