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April 22, 2016 @ 11:39 pm

Episode 31: Facing The Fears

After all the offseason hype, the Cardinals and Cubs finally met up in the past week, with the Cubs having the upper hand.  Dan and Daniel take a crack at talking about what that means and how worried Cardinal fans should be.  Adam Wainwright hasn't been himself as of late either.  Should there be worrying going on there?  The bats have struggled against good teams.  What about that?  Basically, can we find something we SHOULDN'T be worrying about?  The guys also look forward to the coming week and Dan talks about his favorite TV show.

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April 16, 2016 @ 12:22 am

Episode 30: Slugging Our Way Through The Week

Don't look now, but the Cardinals just hit another home run.  An explosive week with six games of seven runs or more give Dan and Daniel much more pleasant things to talk about than they did last week after the Pirates sweep.  Will the offense continue, or is it just a factor of playing lesser quality teams?  Matt Holliday hit two home runs against the Reds Friday night.  Can we start to expect a return to his usual form?  With all of this offense, sometimes the pitching gets overlooked.  Jaime Garcia made sure that didn't happen with a dominant performance against the Brewers.  When do you start thinking extension for him?  A rough outing by Trevor Rosenthal has the guys talking about whether it was a blip or if folks should start to worry.  They wrap with discussion of the Cardinals HOF ballot and Dan's movie picks before the summer blockbuster season.

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April 7, 2016 @ 10:36 pm

Episode 29: Uglier Than Either of Us

Three games into the 2016 season and it's not been a pretty sight.  The Cardinals were swept in Pittsburgh and Dan and Daniel talk about all of the fallout.  The offense sputtered, the rotation scuffled, and only the bullpen came out of the series with any sort of good vibrations going.  What does it mean that Michael Wacha scuffled again?  Is there a lineup that makes sense with these pieces?  How big is the loss of Tommy Pham.  Plus Dan's entertainment segment, only partly hijacked by the fact that the Rogue One trailer came out, meaning Daniel must comment at length on it.

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March 31, 2016 @ 10:39 pm

Episode 28: Time for the Main Course

The last spring training game has been played.  The starting 25-man roster has been determined.  Before the season kicks off, though, Dan and Daniel take one more gander at this team.  Ruben Tejada went down against the Yankees and that leaves the middle infield fairly thin at the moment.  The guys talk about that as well as what Jeremy Hazelbaker might bring to the table.  There's still so many ifs with this offense and spring didn't necessarily answer them in the most positive of manners.  Will the Cardinals be able to click as the calendar flips over to April?  Jordan Walden is also hurt, meaning Matt Bowman makes the team.  Do the Cards really need the Rule 5 player, though?  All of this and more, plus Dan's movie picks.  Just in time for you to enjoy before Opening Day!

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March 26, 2016 @ 11:13 pm

Episode 27: Skidding Into the Season

With just five games left in the spring schedule, the Cardinals are not exactly stepping on the throttle, winning just once in the last two weeks.  Dan and Daniel discuss how much spring training really should matter and if there's cause for concern given the stumbles of this squad as their time in Jupiter comes to a close.  Injuries are always with us, it seems, and the guys talk about Jordan Walden's latest and whether Kolten Wong's knee issue from Saturday's game will be a bigger deal.  Is Matt Holliday now a first baseman?  Does Matt Bowman make this team? Those and other Cardinal topics are tackled before Dan talks about Batman vs. Superman.

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March 17, 2016 @ 11:40 pm

Episode 26: The Madness

After a few weeks off, Dan and Daniel are back to talk about what's going on down in Jupiter.  They discuss the Jhonny Peralta injury and who might get the nod to start the season.  Is Ruben Tejada a realistic answer?  Kolten Wong got an extension since last we all got together.  Was that a smart move by the front office.  The offense in general gets a good thrashing out, including the interesting fact that Matt Holliday has only played first base so far and what that might mean for both first base and the outfield going forward.

Then #CardsMadness gets the analytical treatment.  The Twitter contest run by is underway and Dan lost a heartbreaker, with Daniel coming up on Friday.  The guys go through the brackets, giving their thoughts on the matchups and who might come out the winner.  (Be sure to listen in for the choice words that Dan has for Wes Keene.)


As always, the entertainment section wraps it up, this time looking at that DC Comics movie coming out soon!
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February 25, 2016 @ 11:44 pm

Episode 25: At The Beginning

After a bit of time off, Daniel and Dan are back to start tackling the 2016 St. Louis Cardinals season.  Just like the big leaguers down in Jupiter, they can use a little work getting the rust off and getting back into the swing of things.  From the talk about the shoulders of Tim Cooney and Carlos Martinez to what kind of competitions are actually going to be held this spring, they cover everything of note from camp and then some.  Plus kudos to Rick Hummel for his 70th birthday and Dan talks about what's going on in the entertainment world.  The season is just beginning, so come along for the ride!

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January 13, 2016 @ 11:41 pm

Episode 24: Oh, So Close To Spring

Neither of the guys won the big Powerball lottery, so they are both here bringing you the Cardinals news and knowledge.  (We realize that might not be much of a consolation for those of you that also missed out.)  The Cardinals have gone to Korea for their latest signing and there's discussion about what Seung-Hwan Oh will bring to the bullpen and what he'll mean for the guys already there.  Of course, that leads into talk about the outfielders that are still on the market and what John Mozeliak might be waiting for.  The hacking scandal is addressed as well as Chris Correa's guilty plea has come since the last time these two got together.  They wrap it up with the Winter Warmup talk and Dan's entertainment section.  As always, hope you enjoy!

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December 31, 2015 @ 12:32 am

Episode 23: That’s Not How The Force Works

It's the bleak midwinter, when front offices go into hibernation and news comes out at a trickle.  Since the last time Dan and Daniel got together, the Cards have signed Mike Leake, which is a focus of this episode.  Leake isn't Jason Heyward or David Price, but he does fill a role on the 2016 Cardinals, even if it's not a dynamic one.  The outfielder market is examined and the idea that John Mozeliak may still be a player there is debated.  The bloggers take a moment to remember Joe Strauss, who passed away this week, and look back at 2015 before moving into a significant discussion of a little film about space that's in theaters now.  (WARNING, WARNING, WARNING: If you are one of the 3 people in America who have not seen The Force Awakens, still want to, and haven't been spoiled, just skip the rest of the show as soon as we hit the entertainment section.)

It's the last go-around for this calendar year.  We appreciate you joining us on the ride and look forward to a full year of shows in 2016.
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December 12, 2015 @ 10:48 am

Episode 22: Of Course It Had To Be 22

The odds of two Cardinal bloggers starting up a podcast and doing it so regularly that their 22nd episode deals with the departure of #22 has to be at least 3,720 to one.  Dan and Daniel spend much time on the news that Jason Heyward is not only not coming back to St. Louis but also going to their closest rival.  For all those that have complained about the Cubs/Cardinals rivalry lacking spark and spice, that's gone out the window for a while.  Should ownership have stepped up to make sure they landed their top priority?  Is John Mozeliak destined to always be a bridesmaid, never a bride?  (Let's not think about that imagery, shall we?)  Where do the Cardinals turn now--Justin Upton, Alex Gordon, Yoenis Cespedes or somewhere else?

After exhausting that topic, they also talk about the other Redbird news of the week, the swap of Jon Jay to San Diego for Jedd Gyorko and the re-signing of Jonathan Broxton.  A short entertainment segment this week as both are looking toward that little indie film that opens next week.  Sit back and enjoy!
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