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August 11, 2018 @ 10:44 pm

Episode 87: Don’t Look Now, But…..

Is October baseball really out of the picture?  With five straight series wins, the Cardinals have not only gotten much more involved in the wild-card race but also have somewhat closed the gap inside the division.  Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (Red Dirt Redbird, @amedlock1) talk about the tightening race and look ahead to the important series to come, most notably this week as the Nationals and Brewers come to Busch.  There's also chatter about the much-improved bullpen and what that has done to the mindset of the fans watching the games, plus the additions of Adolis Garcia and Patrick Wisdom start some speculating about who actually is still in Memphis.  A good solid week of Cardinal baseball and that makes for a pretty upbeat show!

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August 3, 2018 @ 3:15 pm

Episode 86: A Solid (But Not Phamtastic) Week

The trading deadline has come and gone and the roster looks....a lot like it did last week.  One glaring difference, of course, is the fact that Tommy Pham is now a Tampa Bay Ray.  Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (Red Dirt Redbird, @amedlock1) discuss the trade of Pham as well as the other deal of the deadline, Oscar Mercado to the Indians. (Though, of course, for more on the return from both trades, we recommend Colin Garner and Kyle Reis.)  Pham moved, which was a surprise but shouldn't have been, but Jose Martinez and Bud Norris are still on the roster.  Is that a mistake?

The guys also get into the improved play as of late, at least from an interest standpoint, and talk about how Harrison Bader and Tyler O'Neill are both going to get playing time.  How long can you run with Dexter Fowler?  Where does the pledge to his playing time end and the expectation that Bader and O'Neill can push this team begin?  Where does Mike Shildt and the front office draw the line.

There's also Carlos Martinez talk and various other tidbits (and hopefully a softer intro) so we hope you enjoy!

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July 27, 2018 @ 3:01 pm

Episode 85: Pour One Out for the Patron Pitcher (and Other Moves)

Ever want to hear a couple of Cardinal bloggers react to news in basically real time?  That's what you've got this week as Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (Red Dirt Redbird, @amedlock1) sit down to record right as the Cardinals completely overhaul their bullpen.  This wasn't just getting a couple of tires rotated, this was reworking the whole engine.  (Please note, I am not a car guy so this is as far as I can go with the analogy.)  Sam Tuivailala?  Traded.  Greg Holland?  Nice knowing you.  Brett Cecil?  Conveniently spared by the DL.  Then there was Tyler Lyons.  #70.  The #PatronPitcher, going the same route as Holland.  Somehow, Daniel was able to hold back the tears.

Plenty of new faces as well.  Luke Weaver returns, as does Daniel Poncedeleon from his short trip back after his no-hit debut.  This weekend will also see the first Cardinal apperances by Tyler Webb (not quite the same, Cardinals) and Dakota Hudson as the Cards mull what else to do before the 4 PM Tuesday deadline.

The guys also give their thoughts on whether some Cardinals will be still here on August 1 and what the news about Chris Archer being a target means.  It might be a bit jumbled, but it's a thorough look at everything that's happened!

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July 21, 2018 @ 11:59 pm

Episode 84: What Shildt The Cardinals Do?

We're a week removed from the most earthshaking news to come out of St. Louis in years and the repercussions are still being discussed and observed.  Last week, Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (Red Dirt Redbird, @amedlock1) were talking about the problems with the Matheny era.  This week, that era is history and the Mike Shildt era is through its first week.  What's changed with the new skipper?  Was this a move that's going to make a difference?  How stunning was the firing of Matheny mid-season?

The guys then talk about the series in Chicago, with the Cardinals rallying to pull out a doubleheader split right before they start the show.  Is it too little too late?  Is the front office already in sell mode, just waiting for the opportunity?

Also, Daniel and Allen give a hat tip to the scorching Matt Carpenter.  The hat gets a little too close to Carp and goes up in flames.

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July 13, 2018 @ 5:26 pm

Episode 83: The Midseason Blahs

Technical difficulties might have cut this one short, but that's probably not a bad thing.  Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (Red Dirt Redbird, @amedlock1) had trouble coming up with new things to talk about as the Cardinals continue their back-and-forth ways.  Well, Mark Saxon provided some new content as his story on Bud Norris's relationship with Jordan Hicks got everyone stirred up for a bit.  The more disturbing aspect of that story, however, could be Norris's oversight of the bullpen as a whole and his relationship with Mike Matheny there.  Then there's a little more Dexter Fowler talk, the return of Luke Gregerson and the Patron Pitcher, and why Tommy Pham is hitting ninth.  An early release just in time for pregame listening!

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July 6, 2018 @ 8:46 pm

Episode 82: Neither Fish Nor Fowler

There have been a lot of things happening on the field, but there's one issue that has dominated all of Cardinal Nation this week and Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (The Redbird Daily, @amedlock1) dive right into it.  Can Dexter Fowler and Mike Matheny co-exist?  Should John Mozeliak be making comments about hustle, even indirectly?  How does this situation ever resolve itself?

Plus Paul DeJong comes back and Yairo Munoz stays while Austin Gomber goes to be a starter in Memphis.  Someone that might come in to relieve Gomber?  Matt Bowman, who was sent down this week.  So much already happening and the trade deadline is still weeks away.  What will this team look like in a few days?

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June 30, 2018 @ 12:21 am

Episode 81: Are The Trade Winds Blowing?

As the Cardinals slide down the roller-coaster track that this seasom seems to have them on after an upswing earlier in the week, Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (The Redbird Daily, @amedlock1) get together to talk, again, about what can be done.  With July right around the corner (and the temperatures have already arrived), the trade talk starts forming.  Should the club go after Mike Moustakas?  Ken Rosenthal says they have renewed interest in the third baseman.  Will they really trade off Jose Martinez?  And what under-the-radar (or, more likely, wild wishing) move does Daniel want to see the club make?

Plenty of talk also about the bullpen and other issues relating to the Redbirds and a little talk about The Redbird Daily crew heading over to The Cardinal Conclave.  Enjoy!

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June 23, 2018 @ 11:13 pm

Bonus: A Solo Shot

No, we aren't talking about the Cardinals' propensity for bases-empty homers.  No, it's the semi-regular trip to a galaxy far, far away, this time talking about Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) is joined by regular Star Wars contributors Tina (@Erdrick Storm), Steven (@SMcNeil_87) and Ron (@CardsNation247) as well as newcomer Brad (@StatsStlcards).  The gang discusses their expectations for the film, what they liked and disliked about it, how that certain cameo came across to them, and what the box office really means and why it is so disappointing.  Plus they talk a little about the future of Star Wars in the theater.  You might want to buckle up, baby!  This one's going to light speed.  (And our apologies for the noise in the middle that makes it sound like we really are taking off!)

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June 23, 2018 @ 12:26 am

Episode 80: The Misery Continues

It's been a tough week to watch the Cardinals and it's not that much easier to talk about it, but Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and fill-in cohost Moose Michaels (243 Podcast, @MooseMichaels) dive into the muck looking for a pearl anyway.  (Allen--@amedlock1 on the Twitter--had a rough week as well and was unable to join us for this one.)  The Cardinals are playing good teams and losing in a variety of ways, though none uglier than Thursday night against the Brewers.  What should they do to get better?  What can they do?

One of the few bright spots is Jack Flaherty, who went into the seventh with a no-hitter tonight.  Is he going to have to stabilize this rotation?  What's the problem with Carlos Martinez?  How much does the loss of Michael Wacha hurt?

It's not a Cardinal podcast if the manager doesn't get discussed.  Does Mike Matheny have the fire necessary to spark this team?  Has he lost the clubhouse?  How stable is his seat, anyway?

All this and much more.  Hopefully soon we'll have better things to talk about!

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June 15, 2018 @ 11:33 pm

Episode 79: Statistically, It’s Still a Mess

In the midst of a complete debacle against the Cubs, three bloggers come together to try to make some sense out of this Cardinals team.  Spoiler alert: they don't really get there.  However, Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (The Redbird Daily, @amedlock1) are joined by Zach Gifford (Birds on the Black, @zjgifford) to talk about the week that was and what could and should happen to make things work better.  The offense is sputtering--is there any hope for Dexter Fowler and Kolten Wong?  Have the Cardinals wasted good pitching and now are bracing for the regression?  And does someone need to lose their job over this?  All this and plenty more, so give us a listen, then (if you are so inclined) rate and review us on iTunes!

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