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April 9, 2018 @ 9:52 pm

Bonus: Godspeed, Rebels

Another one of our bonus Star Wars episodes, the seventh in the series, finds Daniel (@C70) talking with Tina (@ErdrickStrom) and Tito (@triveratops) as usual as well as newcomer Ron Nuttall of the Team of Rivals Podcast (@TeamofRivalsPod).  Star Wars Rebels wrapped up about a month ago and the panel talks not only about some of the concepts and ideas that came out of the last few shows but also how the series as a whole worked for them.  After that, there's discussion about the new Solo trailer and if it has moved the needle for anyone in wanting to see Han Solo again on the big screen.  A few rabbit trails and an outtake at the end that must be heard to be believed.  Get ready for the jump to lightspeed!

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