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January 13, 2016 @ 11:41 pm

Episode 24: Oh, So Close To Spring

Neither of the guys won the big Powerball lottery, so they are both here bringing you the Cardinals news and knowledge.  (We realize that might not be much of a consolation for those of you that also missed out.)  The Cardinals have gone to Korea for their latest signing and there's discussion about what Seung-Hwan Oh will bring to the bullpen and what he'll mean for the guys already there.  Of course, that leads into talk about the outfielders that are still on the market and what John Mozeliak might be waiting for.  The hacking scandal is addressed as well as Chris Correa's guilty plea has come since the last time these two got together.  They wrap it up with the Winter Warmup talk and Dan's entertainment section.  As always, hope you enjoy!

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