Meet Me At Musial: A St. Louis Cardinals Podcast

Episode 34: A Girsch Man Is Hard To Find

July 1, 2017

A surprising turn of events today in St. Louis as John Mozeliak moved up to be the first ever President of Baseball Operations and Michael Girsch stepped into the GM role.  It was less surprising to Daniel (C70 At The Bat, @C70) and Allen (The Redbird Daily, @amedlock1) that it happened than WHEN it happened.  With just a month before perhaps the most intriguing trade deadline in the last decade, what does this move mean for the moves that are coming?  Will Girsch be making the moves or is it really just business as usual with some new titles and extensions?  How will this affect the philosophy of the organization?

The guys then get into the improved performance of the team over the last week.  Is there hope for this squad after all?  Is Tommy Pham the spark and leader that this team has been needing all along?  What about the bullpen and the starting pitching?  There seem to be changes happening at the end of the game, with Trevor Rosenthal perhaps taking over for a scuffling Seung-hwan Oh.  Will that make a difference?  We saw good outings from Adam Wainwright and Michael Wacha this week.  Can we start to trust they will perform closer to their level?

Also Kyle Reis (The Redbird Daily, @kyler416) makes his regular appearance to talk about the week in the minors and about some of the folks, like Luke Voit and Alex Mejia, that have made their debuts this week.  Allen and Daniel finish up by talking about the release of Allen Craig, the upcoming Greatest Cardinal Moment Tournament, and the news surrounding the Han Solo movie (for those Star Wars fans in the audience!)

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